5 Minutes with Logan Dodds @logan_dodds

Nov 13, 2018
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Logan Dodds is one of those guys you see on Instagram and think, how does he do it? Not only does he lead an insane life as a traveller but he’s so down-to-earth that he’s not one to brag about the success he found shortly after releasing a video of his Europe trip that was shared by millions around the world. Over 5 million in fact.

As a born and bred Kiwi, when he’s not frothing in nature, chasing sunsets or at the gym with his shirt off he’s travelling and capturing content for brands like Adidas, Samsung and GoPro #winning

And with Fiji just around the corner from his hometown NZ, it’s easy to see why he’s been multiple times. 3 hours on a plane and bam.. You’re in Fiji. It’s that easy.

We got Logan to tell us his favourite Fiji hot-spots. You’re welcome.

Tell us little bit about yourself! You're a plumber turned full time traveller it seems...

Qualified plumber, in the trade 10 years, last couple of years I have moved into full-time content creating & social media. I had a video that went viral in 2015 that kick started my career and changed my life.

I love travel because...

I am someone that enjoys new things and places. I can’t sit still for too long, so travelling and experiencing new things really meets those cravings.

You recently went to Fiji, what were your favourite places/experiences?

I have travelled twice to Fiji now and loved it. So much to do, crystal blue waters, culture, amazing people.

Loved getting out on the boats exploring the islands. Catching a seaplane to Yasawa Islands was an INSANE way to see things from above to. Highly recommend for anyone considering going to Fiji.

What did you discover about Fiji that you didn't know before?

That the people were the friendliest and most kind i have ever met throughout all of my travels to date. I know you hear it all the time but truly the Fijian people are at the top of the list for nicest people in the world.

Any recommendations for the best places to take an insta-worthy pic/watch the sunset?

Everywhere there's a Palm tree is usually a great place to start for the gram. Cloud 9 always delivers the goods too.

Aside from hanging at beach all day, what would be your top 5 things to do in Fiji?

Day trips on a boat

Cloud 9 - beers on a floating pontoon in paradise

Yasawa Islands

Jet Ski & Snorkeling

Malamala day club was insane too